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About Putin and Navalny

I do not like politics, it is very thin ice. Usually I try to avoid political aspects in my analysis, but this time I feel like I want to speak out.

The recent situation with Navalny seems very suspicious to me. Once upon a time there was such an opposition leader, Navalny, who wrote his articles, was angry with the government, appealed for justice, scolded corrupt Russia, and so on. In general, I tried to appeal to change – a noble mission! And everything would have gone on like this, if not for the story of his poisoning.

This is where the fun begins.

According to sources, he became ill on the flight “Tomsk-Moscow”, as a result of which he was hospitalized in the emergency hospital №1. But then he was transported to Germany in the Berlin clinic “Charite”. What for? Why was the treatment not continued in Russia? Why exactly there? Wasn’t it in order to reveal that he was allegedly poisoned?

Some sources investigating this event rely on the fact that if Navalny had not been sent to Germany, then his poisoning would not have become known. And the very decision to send him for treatment to another country is nothing more than pure chance or miracle. Hmm .. I don’t know, I don’t know.

But it was there that the confirmation of the use of the Novichok poisonous substance was obtained, which was also found by specialists from France and Sweden. The interest of Europe, as well as of other countries that are pursuing a sanctions policy against Russia, is understandable to me. In their eyes, this is another lever of pressure on our country and a reason to stick their nose in our affairs.

Do you wonder what is wrong with this poison? Is he defective or what? If they were poisoned and not poisoned, or there was no poisoning at all?

In my opinion, it looks more like a provocation or black PR in order to attract a larger audience of fans. In Russia, they love the offended and disadvantaged, the power of Russian compassion is high. Now Martyr Navalny has become a popular favorite, people who have enough of their own problems, go to the streets and protest. In total, about 300 thousand people took part in the protests across Russia, and I think that’s not all.

After all, it is very convenient, I got sick, recovered, returned to Russia, and now my comrades-in-arms have increased, you can go to storm the Kremlin. Was it not for this purpose that everything was conceived? I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, but sometimes such thoughts come to mind.

Honestly, I am not a fan of Putin and never have been. But Navalny is not a leader for me either, I was one time subscribed to him on VKontakte, not for long, then I unsubscribed. His ideology did not come to me.

I do not know for sure whether it was a departure or it was a skillful imitation of it, but I know one thing, this event plays into the hands of Western countries. There is a reason for another pressure from the Russian Federation. Although I believe that Navalny is an ordinary person, a citizen of the Russian Federation and everything related to him should be dealt with and resolved exclusively on the territory of our country without interference from outside.

I hope that this situation will soon be forgotten and will do without new sanctions, unless the People’s Martyr Navalny begins to seek political asylum, believing that now his life is threatened. In this case, the story may get some difficult to predict continuation.

PS If the ballots had two names: Putin and Navalny, I would vote “Against all.”

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