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December 2020: +274184 rubles | Towards 30 million

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Stock market: +115947

Business 2: +96088

No viruses: +42337

Finam: +28293

Right: +11457

eToro: +5788

Loans: +2067

Opencard (cashback): +2000

Halva (cashback + percentage on the balance): +1414

PDA: +907

Bitfinex: +714

Setting up contextual advertising: +500

Jetlend: +225

Penenza: +47

Ozon.Invest: +38

Sberkredo: -6046

Total income: +300869

Expenses: -26685

Net profit: +274184

Jetlend’s expected return

Briefly about the month

  • Jetlend has already received payments. I earned the first 225 rubles.
  • December was very busy. Sometimes even without lunch he worked until late at night. It would have been possible to earn more, but the suppliers had no goods. And now for half a month, if not more, I will sit without goods.
  • Earned 6.81% on Right. MCFTR Index + 6.56%.
  • I closed my eToro account and withdrew money. I don’t want any problems when working with a foreign broker. I don’t want to mess with Interactive Brokers either. I got 80,000 to an account in Alora to trade American stocks.
  • I want to try to invest in Alfa-Stream, but there are a lot of negative reviews. Has anyone tried it?

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Hello! My name is Polak Donovan, I am a private investor, I have been trading currencies in Forex since 2011, I have increased my capital by 70% with growing dynamics. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of experience that I would like to share in my blog. I will tell you how to speculate in the market and at the same time reduce the beginner's mistakes. I will show my results and share my predictions, I also collected the most relevant news for you on the site, which, in my opinion, affect market trends.
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