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Invested 80,000 rubles in Jetlend

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For a long time I have been looking for where else you can try to attach money. And suddenly this service caught my eye.

Crowdfunding services cannot make it normal in any way. Penenza is barely alive, Ozon.Invest has stopped issuing loans, Sberkredo is also closing.

I hope Jetlend will live up to its expectations.

jetlend crowdfunding platform
Jetlend account balance


First of all, I make sure that the project is not a pyramid.

Roman Khoroshev (one of the founders of Jetlend) was the head of the premium clients division at Sberbank.

And most importantly, the Jetlend crowdfunding platform is a member of the Skolkovo project, just like ModulMoney. That is, Skolkovo has invested money in Jetlend.

For these two facts alone, fraud can be ruled out.

Auto investment

It is very important that the service has autoinvestment. Then there will be no need to constantly monitor new applications of borrowers, relax and watch the results only once a month.

Jetlend has autoinvestment.

It seems to me that soon for crowdfunding services, the availability of auto investment will be a mandatory minimum.

jetlend platform
Loan portfolio

Guaranteed positive yield

Jetlend promises yields ranging from 9.6 percent to 27.5 percent, depending on borrower ratings.

There are three categories of rating:

  • A: 9.6-15%
  • B: 12.1-21%
  • C: 13.5-27.5%

When auto-investing, the platform itself chooses the most optimal combination of loans to ensure high income with minimal risk.

For 2 years, the average annual profitability of investors was about 14% per annum.

All work with debtors will be carried out by the platform. The collected money will be transferred to the investors in full.

If it suddenly happens that the yield falls into the negative zone, then the platform promises to buy out the default loans, which led to a negative yield.

This option only works for autoinvestment. And to clarify, the platform does not buy out all default loans, but only if they brought the profitability of the entire portfolio to a minus.

jetlend reviews
Expected return, expected losses and personal income tax

As usual, see the Jetlend income in monthly reports, and in a year I will write a review on the investment results.

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