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January 2021 | Towards 30 Million

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Last month results

Momentum wide market (strategy description): -2.55%

Momentum MICEX Index (strategy description): + 1.37%

Dividend portfolio (strategy description): + 0.64%

Full return MICEX index: + 6.36%

Strategy results in comparison with the total return index

This month I am again changing the method for calculating the best dividend stocks. Now I exclude from the rating all stocks with strong fluctuations in the amount of dividends. Only stable ones.

Top 10 Dividend Stocks

  1. BANEP – Bashneft ap.
  2. MTSS – MTS.
  3. KRKNP – Saratov Refinery.
  4. LSRG – LSR.
  5. UPRO – Unipro.
  6. ENRU – Enel Russia.
  7. BANE – Bashneft JSC.
  8. ETLN – The Standard.
  9. PMSBP – Permenergosbyt ap.
  10. CHMF – Severstal.

Momentum wide market

  1. MVID.
  2. LNZL.
  3. TCSG.
  4. AFKS.
  5. SELG.
  6. YNDX.
  7. AMEZ.
  8. LNTA.
  9. FESH.
  10. PIKK.

Momentum MICEX Index

  1. TCSG.
  2. AFKS.
  3. YNDX.
  4. PIKK.
  5. MGNT.
  6. NLMK.
  7. ALRS.
  8. LSRG.
  9. CHMF.
  10. MOEX.

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