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Results 2020 | Towards 30 million

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For several years I have not written the results and I have not intended to. And then it became interesting to calculate how much I earned.


This year was the coolest in terms of income in my entire life. For the year I earned net 2 million 157 thousand 507 rubles.

About half of this amount came from investments. But for the first time in business, he broke his bar.


One of the main thoughts is to trade the trend. I used to love buying dividend stocks on large drawdowns. This is also a good strategy in some ways, but when you buy with a trend, you see profit almost immediately. At first it was uncomfortable to buy something that has grown, but now I’m used to it.

Stock market (main account)

In 2020, it earned 22.83% on the market. The MICEX index including divas increased by 14.83%. Of these, 244,441 rubles (about 3%) came out as divas.


Withdrew all the money from the account. For the year it turned out to earn in rubles + 36.29%.

If you count in dollars, then according to eToro statistics, I got 15.74%. The S&P 500 rose 16.26%.

Until October, I traded using a dividend strategy, and from October I switched to momentum trading. I really liked the results. These months were consistently ahead of the index. And the most pleasant thing is to see a good profit right away. I earned 60% on ALGN in 3 months and on ENPH 90% in 2 months.


I made this account for auto-follow, but there are still no subscribers on it. And I made such a strategy on it that I could invest even with 10 thousand rubles and make a profit.

The deals are very rare and long. Therefore, the brokerage commission will not have a significant impact on the profitability.

I trade only the strongest signals on it. These were my transactions on AFK Sistema, Magnit, and now I am in the prefecture of Mechel.

For the year + 82.7%.

Profitability in Finam


A very good investment find. Stably ahead of the index. Earned + 59.24% over the year.


At BitFinex, I issue loans in dollars. The dollar itself has grown by 19.53% over the year. The total profitability of the account came out + 47.61%, if translated into rubles.


I decided not to count the profitability on the instruments from which I withdraw money or there were a lot of I / O. Such as Sberkredo, Penenza, Ozon.Invest, Zaymigo. But according to Jetlend, I wonder how much will come out in a year.


Or work for yourself. Better to call it that.


During the year, 42,380 rubles were earned, with the average monthly amount of loans issued being 117,394 rubles. Yield 36.1%. This is taking into account the fact that 5 people did not return the loans. It seems that I have already received the writ of execution for all.

The writ of execution has not yet been given to the bailiffs, since they are closed and must be sent by mail.

Business 2

There is nothing to write about computer repair. Incomes have been hanging for many years at about the same level, no matter what I do. And with less effort applied to Business 2, it grows. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right thing to do. But unfortunately, until you start, it is difficult to say what success can be achieved. Everything is comprehended by testing.

These are my results since October 2015.

2017 – growth + 60.58%

2018 – growth + 51.08%

2019 – + 63% growth

2020 – growth + 94.62%

Growth of income from the second business

The growth in income was achieved by increasing the range, improving advertising, looking for cheaper suppliers.

For comparison, here is a graph for the computer business for the same period.

The computer business brings on average about 40 thousand

But now I hardly do advertising on computer repair. Mostly regular customers. It happens 2-3 times a month a client with Avito will arrive, the Internet or contextual advertising. Just a relatively stable constant income.

It can be seen that the peaks of incomes fall on the winter, and by the summer they begin to decline. The exception was April this year. Because of the remoteness, everyone started fixing computers en masse.

I stopped developing this business because the cost of attracting a client is very high. Revenue is equal to advertising costs. Plus, you will come out only when the client contacts the next times. And yet not everyone re-apply. And for business development, it is imperative to add printer repairs, refueling cartridges and phone repairs. And I don’t want to deal with these areas.


I used to greatly underestimate cashback. During this year I received a total of 20,431 rubles on Halva and Opencard cards.

Hopefully, 2021 will be at least the same in terms of income as 2020. Although, like last year, I have no idea how to continue growing the second business at the same pace.

Polak Donovan
About author

Hello! My name is Polak Donovan, I am a private investor, I have been trading currencies in Forex since 2011, I have increased my capital by 70% with growing dynamics. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of experience that I would like to share in my blog. I will tell you how to speculate in the market and at the same time reduce the beginner's mistakes. I will show my results and share my predictions, I also collected the most relevant news for you on the site, which, in my opinion, affect market trends.
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