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I decided to calculate how well the Right robot is trading in comparison with the index.

Below is the graph. In brackets next to the names of the months it is indicated what I was in (A – stocks, O – bonds). That is, I changed the risk profile in the service to either the minimum risk or the maximum.

An index is not some kind of separate index and is not divided 50 by 50. I calculated the return on the index in which I was located. The final result came out like the MCFTR index.

MCFTR is an index of total return stocks.

RGBITR is the total yield bond index.

investment in robot Right
Robot Investment Results Right

While we were in bonds, we were far behind the bond index. I think this is most likely due to the account maintenance fees. On a large amount, it may not play such a role.

In September 2019, we switched to stocks and this month we earned more market. The index rose 0.62%, while we rose 5.66%. Then the ordinary shares of Surgutneftegaz, which were in the portfolio, soared. They grew in the next month, but I already went back to bonds.

Right behaved very well in March 2020 during the fall due to the coronavirus. At the beginning of February, I was still in bonds, and at the end, the potential yield on the robot’s website became quite high and I switched to stocks. Surprisingly, the stock index fell 9.8 in March, and we even rose 0.69%.

Since then I have been in stocks and we are outperforming the index.

Since we had a significant lag from the index in bonds, I will switch to them only in exceptional cases.

Polak Donovan
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