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Trading ideas in promotions as of April 30, 2020.

It looks like the shock from the falls as a result of the coronavirus and the collapse of oil on the Russian market is starting to pass, despite a further decline in oil prices. In this article I want to consider the technical aspects of buying on the stock market. The whole country is sitting at home in self-isolation. What else can you do globally while at home? Well, of course, to buy heavily fallen assets. It would be interesting to look at the statistics of replenishment of trading accounts on the Moscow Exchange. For example, has there been an increase in activity in accounts that were considered abandoned? Well, okay, I’ll probably start a short review of those moments that, in my (and only in my) opinion, may show growth in the near future, and, accordingly, it will be possible to earn money on this. Although I will make a reservation that these thoughts of mine are not a recommendation. So the first company to buy will be the Moscow Exchange – the stock has consolidated in the last 3 hours above the level of 952.5 rubles, and this is no less than the level of average prices for the last 150 trading hours. This fact gives the right to assume that there are now more buyers than sellers. Accordingly, a decline below the indicated level will mean the cancellation of this trading recommendation. The first, fairly serious resistance level is at 97.5 rubles per share. Rosneft is also trying to raise its head after all the adventures – coronavirus, shutdown in Venezula. For the last week, the paper has been steadily holding above the level of 295 rubles, but somehow everything is unstable here. Perhaps all this growth is only due to the buyback of shares by the company. A decrease under these numbers cancels purchases. Gazprom is fighting for the level of 177 rubles. If fixed above it, purchases are more than justified. This means that buyers in this short-term battle are beginning to win and they can compete for the next level – 185 rubles per share. Magnet has continued its winning streak with bulls since March 18, when the stock consolidated above its 100-hour average. You can buy carefully, but if the price goes below the level of 3000 rubles, you will need to bury the positions, since a further price reduction is possible. Why risk it? Here is the hourly chart of Magnit shares as the most interesting at the moment. Magnet Surgutneftegaz is also interested in purchases above 30 rubles per share. MTS is also worth buying above RUB 285 per share. This is a good solid support for the paper at the moment. NLMK is trying to gain a foothold above 115 rubles. In case of a successful attempt, if you are on this train, you can take a ride to the next station named 125 rubles. And this is neither more nor less, but 6% of the current prices of 118 rubles. MMC Norilsk Nickel also shows the activity of bulls. They have not given back the level of 19,000 rubles since March 24. You can also try to ride in this car up to 20,600 rubles. But everything is very subtle here. In the case of a decline below 19000, a sharp acceleration of the fall is possible. Be careful with this promotion.
That’s all for now. There is not much to choose from, I have selected in this review the stocks that are currently most interesting in buying on technical signals.
Happy investment decisions to everyone.

Polak Donovan
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Hello! My name is Polak Donovan, I am a private investor, I have been trading currencies in Forex since 2011, I have increased my capital by 70% with growing dynamics. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of experience that I would like to share in my blog. I will tell you how to speculate in the market and at the same time reduce the beginner's mistakes. I will show my results and share my predictions, I also collected the most relevant news for you on the site, which, in my opinion, affect market trends.
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